Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Small Update

Miles and Poco board a ship to the new world in pursuit of their rival Barnabold. A few days into the trip, a traveling merchant points out that the ship has altered course and they appear to be following a galleon known as the Perennial Dandy. The party investigate the captain’s history with this ship and don’t like what they find.

I’m not good at making dungeons yet. I have this unhealthy dependence on Silent Hill style alternate realities, and things that are weird for the sake of weird. The idea was a ship with descending decks, each getting more strange until they were basically walking around inside the throat of some sort of massive creature. In practice everything was super cramped without any real room for the players to be creative.

My original plan was for a purely social adventure where the players would try to convince the obsessed captain to stop following after an invincible galleon towards certain doom. It would have been part Moby Dick and part Master and Commander, resembling something better served for Burning Wheel. A day before the game, I realized I didn’t really have the confidence to pull it off and turned it into a dungeon.

It went okay by all (2) accounts, so whatever.

I’ve been sitting on a stupid sci-fi setting for a while now, inspired by retro anime, shmups, Phantasy Star and Mega Man. I’m thinking of writing it out as a hack of Into the Odd. I’m super into spaceship combat ala Last Starfighter, so I feel tempted to focus a lot on that but I feel like any really complex rules run counter to what makes ItO so enjoyable to me. It’s something for me to think about, anyway.

Pending title: Space Battleship Bastion.

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