Monday, May 14, 2018

Euclid, or How the Hell Does Character Creation Work in FASERIP?

After plowing through about a dozen superhero RPG books and testing a few of them, I was pretty disappointed until I decided to just play MSHRPG. I was originally put off by the massive amount of material to go through (Do I play Basic, Advanced, or Basic Revised?) but after running through an intro scenario I'm seeing why people feel it so hard.

We played with Canon characters first to test the system out and then started making our own. Almost immediately we were incredibly confused. The Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Powers Rules have different rules for character creation (albeit with similar bases). If you use Ultimate Power you can end up with like 7 million powers, and I couldn't determine if that was the intended way to play the game or not. I ended up rolling the below character using a combination of the three books.

I think for our upcoming campaign we'll use the With Great Power point-buy system. Using it, Euclid comes out to a little less than 300 points. I think. I don't know man, I just roll dice.

Name Euclid

Public Identiy Tommy Zenith

Age 15

Origin Mutant

Fighting Good [10] Health 74
Agility Incredible [40] Karma 46
Strength Poor [4] Popularity Shift 0 [0]
Endurance Excellent [20] Resources Poor [4]
Reason Typical [6]

Intuition Excellent [20]

Psyche Excellent [20]


Extra Eyes Good [10]

Euclid has an extra eye on his forehead, as well as one in each palm. Each eye is
responsible for a specific type of Beam.
Enhanced Sight Typical [6]

Due to having extra eyes, Euclid is able to notice things Normal people wouldn't. This ability is
currently weak, as he as only discovered his mutant powers.
Force Beam Incredible [40]

Fired from the forehead.
Limitation: Power cannot inflict less than power rank damage
Ensnarement Beam Remarkable [30]

Fired from the left hand.
Limitation: Requires left hand be free and uncovered
Stun Beam Incredible [40]

Fired from right hand.
Limitation: Requires right hand be free and uncovered

Talents Thrown Weapons, Acrobatics, Escape Artist

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