Saturday, March 10, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Elemancy for Into the Odd

I know I'm late to the party, but I've been playing Final Fantasy XV and thought I'd adapt the magic system to Into the Odd. It's not even really a great system because every spell is just a zap, but I like idea of modifying spells even if it's never really used in a clever way. I'm still thinking about a way to make it more interesting, but for now this is a pretty straightforward adaptation.

The system revolves around pulling magical elements (which I'll call mana) from sources (which I'll call springs), and combining them into exploding flasks. In the game, the flasks are permanent however I'd have them be single use, if only because I'm always looking for more ways to spend the players' money. This essentially makes them the same as bombs, but with added effects. I'd put the cost of elemancy flasks at between 5 and 10 shillings. This makes them more expensive than your typical tool, but much less than a bomb (which deals d12 damage on its own). Even then you still have to find springs and components. Canonically, this ability is restricted to royalty. You can decide yourself who has access to elemancy and who doesn't in your game.

There are three elements: fire, ice and thunder. Magic-users will need to keep track of how much mana they have stored of each of the elements. I'd recommend a hard cap of 10 per element, just so the numbers don't get out of control. When pulling mana from a spring, roll 1d10 to determine how much of that element you are provided with.

Fire and lightning spells ignore armor (as Heat Ray/charge monsters from Supercapacitor). Ice spells freeze the target in place until they pass a STR save (as Chilling Cloud). Certain enemies may be resistant or weak to certain elements.

Basic Spell Crafting
When crafting a spell, you spend mana equal to the level of the spell you want to cast. You may mix elements, however only the majority element counts as the spell type. For example, a spell composed of 4 Fire and 3 Ice would be a fire spell. If there is every a majority tie, flip a coin to determine the spell type. 

You cannot craft Level 4 spells, as they can only be created with special components outlined below.

Elemancy Table

Advanced Spell Crafting
Adding certain components when crafting a spell will change its properties. The components are left intentionally broad, so feel free to make them more specific to fit into your game.

Component: Animal bones, claws, antlers, gemstones
Allows you to roll multiple dice for a spell and keep the highest result. The more components added, the more dice can be rolled up to a maximum of 5. 

Component: Poison barbs/stingers/bristles, antidotes
Inflicts additional poison damage directly to STR. The damage is equal to 1 per component spent, up to a maximum of 5 damage. 

Components: Animals hoofs, insect parts, fish fins
Causes an opponent's next few attacks to be impaired. The duration of the curse is equal to the number of components spent; with 1 causing d4, 2 causing d6, and so on.

Components: Metal shavings, rust
Each component increases the level of the spell by 1, however the caster must succeed in a WIL save when casting the spell or it backfires and damages them instead.

Components: Crab pincers, bird talons, scorpion pincers
Damages everyone within a 30ft radius, including the caster. The range can be increased by 10ft with every component added up to a maximum of 80ft. 

Components: Curatives, healing herbs, fresh tomatos
The pain inflicted by this spell heals the caster's HP. The amount healed is equal to the number of components spent; with 1 healing d4, 2 healing d6, and so on.

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