Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Interstellar Violence Intermission

Language of Loathing
The common language spoken by most people.

Language of Love
Spoken only by duelists and monks. While normal people cannot speak it, they can understand it inexplicably.

People who have ascended to a higher form and live solely to kill each other in order to dictacte the fate of mankind. They speak the language of Love. Duelists very rarely interfere with normal people. Physically, they resemble clowns.

They devote their lives to the needs of duelists, while promoting peace. Any monk is obligated to help a duelist that needs them. Monks are explicitly banned from using any modern weapons, thus they use ancient wave spadas and luminous cannons when their hands are forced to violence.

Luminous Cannons
Very large guns usually worn on the back. They are powered by various energies given off by the user, thus monks often train in order to perfect their luminous beam.

Wave Spada 
Essentially cup hilt rapiers. The blades themselves phase in and out of the Bend thus cutting through most normal materials. Extremely rare, as they are often passed down from monks to pupils or taken off the corpses of dead duelists by monks. Also every duelist has one. Wave spadas will always match the phase of another wave entity it encounters thus it can parry other spadas or even wave rounds. When wielded by a person without sufficient SYMPATHY is is just a normal sword.

Laughless (Clown)
Soldiers cybernetically and surgically modified to look like duelists, though they use knives and rifles as opposed to wave spadas. Each clown has a chip implanted in their head with large amounts of knowledge which is only accessible via a split personality they've developed as a sort of operator. Clowns must work alone, and it is forbidden for them to come into contact with one another.

Wave Rounds
Certain rifles can fire a wave round which will phase through targets and pierce any armor. These are forbidden to use on spacecraft. A rifle can typically only fire a single wave round every few minutes or otherwise break down or melt.

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